Winter is coming!


Well, winter is basically here and while the holiday season is happening, it is time to get cozy wherever you are. For those of you who are living in the tropical countries like Indonesia (and sorry Australia for your summer in December), we might not get the chill winter feel. Though it never snow in Jakarta, it won’t change the fact that we still love a couple extra throws/blankets in our living room just to snug in for some movie nights. We have prepared a couple of throws which we think are perfect for your weekend night in.

zara-home-grey-faux-fur-blanketZara Home (IDR 1,999,000)

Zara Home - Plain Pink Double-faced Blanket Fringe.jpgZara Home (IDR 599,900)

STRIMLÖNN Throw IKEA Made of pure new wool, the throw is soft and cushiony to the touch and long lasting.

Ikea (IDR 999,000)

Blanket - Blue.jpgSulla Home

Here are some more of our cold season favorites to get you #laflivinspired. Happy Holidays everyone!

Amped Fleece Throw Blanket:

Absolutely inspired by the cable knitted throw. Now, I must go out and purchase lots of yarn and knit furiously like an old Romanian Grandma!(desire to inspire - - Llamas' valley:

This cozy throw that has pom-poms are a guaranteed perfect gift for all crowds.:

My bedroom ready for Autumn! Quilt, rug and bench from Nordal. My Scandinavian Home blog:

Photos courtesy of Pinterest

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