Thanksgiving Wishbone Chair

Thanksgiving season is approaching and its tradition remains in my life, especially the home-made/potluck style meals and friends get-together. Even though Jakarta would be just ordinary for the upcoming Thanksgiving, we can still talk about a part of it that cannot be missed on prThanksgivingng dinner party: breaking the Wishbone Turkey tradition! You might already guessed by the title of this blog that we are going to talk about the wishbone part of a Turkey and coincidentally it has something to do with a historic piece of furniture.

Tying things together, let’s talk a little bit about furniture design history – Hans J Wegner, the Danish architect who made a huge impact in the interior design industry. The name is not so strange for some of us, but for you who were wondering who is this Wegner guy, you might be more familiar with this chair instead:

Wegner - Wishbone Chair.jpg

Yes! A chair that has a Turkey wishbone on it. Inspired by the traditional Ming Dynasty, the iconic Wishbone Chair is designed by Wegner and has became his most famous chair around the Mid Century area. Wegner has designed more than 500 chairs, including the Chinese Chair, and has changed the general public view of furniture in the 1960’s. We are fascinated by his craftsmanship, his ability of integrating joints with exquisite shapes and materials. His deep respect for wood and its natural characteristic has influenced so many designers up until today.

Hans Wegner.jpg

Not just the Wishbone Chair, other Wegner chairs are well-known for its Skandinavian style design. We have gathered several Wegner inspired chairs and replicas, exclusively for those whom resides around Jakarta area. The original piece from Danish Design Store is worth USD $599.00.

Fabelio - Wishbone Dining Chair.jpg

 Fabelio (IDR 999,000)


Fabelio - Semarang Dining Chair.jpg

 Fabelio (IDR 1,650,000)

Livaza - Kursi Makan Kapuas.jpg

 Livaza (IDR 1,430,000)

Even more so, here are some of #lavlifinspired interiors featuring the Wishbone chair to inspire your Scandinavian dream interior. Contact us for custom chairs, we will personalize it just for you!*



Wishbone Chair 5.jpg

wishbone-chair-4Photos courtesy of Pinterest

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