Color Trend: Peacock Blue


A little celebration of Lafliv’s monthly favorite hue: the iconic deep blue green. We are not so sure what to name this color, it is not emerald nor navy. Some people called it the worn turquoise, others called it the sea-blue. It is a great color to be paired with gold, copper, or any other metallic (well, metallics can go with everything, really). It is so dramatic, just like the color of a peaock, that we think it is absolutely stunning! #laflivinspired

Contact us to consult the right color combination for any rooms, we will help you achieve your dream!*

3bd59243d909228fa505ac517acace5d 5e5ecffdf8d195b36c90a5811e0ac42c
27095149ec6cfeaf0e64236556dd27a8 d6036d00281454ee0cb4827fff712bab db734e0bf2c3cacec162d1cb1142c7e8 eebf70ecf20024951c53c8409def5fc1

Photos courtesy of Pinterest

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