Key to Comfort


(left-to-right) Blue Dot – Field Lounge Chair, Grafunkt – Chill High Back Chair, Ulivi Salotti – Dory Chair,  Giorgetti – Mobius Chair, Minotti – Leslie Chair, Giorgetti – Derby Chair, Potocco – Grace Lounge Chair

What people see in a chair is not just the look but also its comfort. Relaxation does not mean the same to everyone. I love a comfortable lounge chair, whether to mingle with a friend over tea or to curl up with a blanket over my favorite read. I also would want a lounge chair that is a statement to my room, possibly a great corner piece.

“Comfortable furniture will make you want to stay in the room.” – Emily Henderson, LA based stylist.

To have a good chair, it is important to have an ergonomic back support and a soft upholstery/material (memory foam could be an option). Measurement is also the key to comfortable chair, yet it is all depends on your body type and height. A very good back support means the correct angle, and how stiff or hard the cushion is. One more thing to consider, for any of you who is a pet lover like me, try to get extremely durable upholstery for your chair because your cat/dog might want to cuddle with you on it.

Contact us for free consultation on how to find the right chair for you and/or members of your family. We also offers custom design/collaboration.*

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