Design Idea: Superfront


I found it interesting that people are a little bit obsessed with Ikea Hacks nowadays. I have been scrolling through different social media and find everyone showcasing how incredible it is to transform an Ikea piece to look far from tedious. On a random weekday, I stumbled upon a very interesting website called Superfront, which for a designer like me, it is somehow brilliant! This Swedish company design and manufacture cool bits and pieces to fit Ikea’s most common cabinets. How awesome is it that people can personalize their piece to be a high quality unique piece of furniture? I personally love their cute little handles. If only they have a store in my area.

Share your Ikea Hacks with us and if you need help with your lame old piece of furniture, contact us and we will support you with our free consultation.*  #laflivinspired


53289524562432Photos courtesy of Superfront

*This post was not endorsed by Superfront


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