Office Hacks for a Healthy Workspace

Most designers, relatively speaking, work closely by their computer or laptop. In a much broader case, most of us (urban living creatures) has spent around nineteen hundred hours a year sitting on the same desk from 9 in the morning to 5 (probably 7 the earliest, depending on how bad the rush hour is). The truth is, how can a person possibly sit and work without struggling a back pain or investing their salary on a fairly thick reading glasses?

Lafliv has compiled a pack of affordable ways for you to upgrade your office space, in hope will eventually tackle your boring office and improves your productivity.

1. Comfortable furniture that encourage good postures.

Noox Big Pillow BananasPhoto courtesy of Bobobo – Noox Big Pillow Bananas

Starting with just a nicely thrown fun pillow for your back, like this banana pillow from Bobobobo or replacing your chair with the most ergonomic office chair available in this planet. Another important thing is to keep your monitor/screen at the right height so you do not look slightly down at it. Make sure you have some time to stand up and walk around, a nice way to find an excuse to the pantry or for you ladies, the powder room.

2. Keep it clutter free.

Our personal choice would be a clean desk, but in reality it is nearly impossible to not have a single piece of paper on the table while we work. Keeping a clean desk will make you more focus. Make sure to take documents out of the envelope to make sure they are not piled high. If you are considered tech savvy, going digital by scanning old documents will significantly minimize clutter.

Plustek Mobile Office S410
Photo courtesy of Plustek – MobileOffice S410 Portable Scanner

3. Encourage clean and fresh room.

We love the sun as much as we love good air-conditioned room. As humans (not aliens) we would want good air circulation in our office. Some office though are trapped in a basement without bright daylight and fresh air. Try bringing in potted plants on your desk, this not only helps with the air but also gives color to the boring corporate office desk.

4. Splurge on office belongings.

This is for those of you who have a 9-5 office job. Sometimes having your own office supplies such as a personalized mug or brand new amazing pen once a while will definitely add some motivational aspect to your work. Perhaps, a motivational quote or a cute photo of your pet will keep you sane during the hardest day.

5. Minimize the essentials.

Again, this is to remind you to have a clutter free desk, some people need a nice set of headphone (or speakers, if you work at home) also an emergency kit like lip balms and hand-sanitizer. The rule is to keep them near enough but not directly on the table – you want to avoid unnecessary distraction while you are working.



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